Obsidian (part 2)

Our second part to describe this powerful app

20 December 2021 路 11 min 路 NicFab

Obsidian (part 1)

Powerful app for writing and building a knowledge base

16 December 2021 路 6 min 路 NicFab


Our reason for this choice

13 December 2021 路 4 min 路 NicFab

Here we are!

This is our first post here. It is our digital notebook where we post content on topics of our interest: a mix of legal profiles, technology, digital, coding, communication, solutions, open-source, etc. At the moment, it is a project that we consider a 鈥渞ib鈥 of the Blog that you find in the menu at Blog. Subsequently, 鈥 we do not know 鈥 we might decide to use Hugo as the only platform and migrate the Blog as well....

11 December 2021 路 1 min 路 NicFab