The Ā«fediverseĀ»: a conversation with Punit Bhatia.

A live streaming to talk about the Fediverse

1 July 2022 Ā· 1 min Ā· NicFab

Our Lemmy Community in the Ā«fediverseĀ»: Privacy Community

Lemmy: the platform in the fediverse for creating community and following topics of interest.

23 May 2022 Ā· 9 min Ā· NicFab

The Ā«fediverseĀ»: here is the federated universe in the Internet network.

The hugely growing decentralized and open-source virtual space without cookies (only session cookies), profiling, and advertising.

19 May 2022 Ā· 4 min Ā· NicFab

The Ā«fediverseĀ». Mastodon: open-source social network

The Fediverse and apps with which to communicate in a federated way.

8 May 2022 Ā· 7 min Ā· NicFab